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The light of the risk of short term complications versus the short term relief of symptoms    if the cause of the bleeding is related to the incurable disease it is often much more difficult to treat than if the cause is benign (ie. buying viagra online without prescription generic viagra canada price A bleeding gastric tumour versus a bleeding ulcer)   just as it is unethical to perform investigations on a patient who is clearly dying, it is also unethical not to perform investigations and treatments on a patient with an incurable disease in good general condition who is bleeding due to a reversible condition. buy viagra in canada online Why do the viagra commercials have bathtubs     patients with upper gastro-intestinal bleeding: should have an upper endoscopy to identiify the cause of the bleeding and in most cases also to treat it. cheap pills viagra viagra cheap buy canada Should have a nasogastric tube     patients with lower gastro-intestinal bleeding: the bleeding will often cease spontaneously: colonoscopy should be considered if this may lead to a definite treatment if there is any suspicion of a upper gastro-intestinal bleeding the patient should have a nasogastric tube, if there is blood in the aspirations it is upper bleeding, if there is bile it is not. viagra how long last buy viagra Later on embolization may be an option if the bleeding is from the rectum, palliative radiotherapy may help     drug therapy: patients with peptic ulcers: protone pump inhibitors iv they work much better if the ulcer has initially been treated locally with endoscope   in patients who cannot undergo an endoscopy: octreotide can be tried   varicial bleeding: octreotide 0. viagra cheap online canada viagra 36 timer 05-0. viagra prescription phone Female viagra equivalent 1mg x2 sc increasing according to the clinical response is just as efficient as sclerosing     symptomatic treatment for all bleedings: tranexamic acid 1-1. cheapest price on viagra 5g x 3 titrating up to 8g daily   patients with liver failure: vitamine k - konakione   patients with petecia: platelet transfusions   if the patient has anaemia: if moderate they should not be transfused before the bleeding has stopped for a day, as the lower blood pressure may be a benefit in allowing the bleeding to stop. buy viagra   if the patient has hypotension: it should be treated with fluids and blood, but a slightly lower blood pressure may be of benefit by allowing the bleeding to stop. buy cheap viagra     if the patient will need a major operation the situation becomes complicated as there is often a high risk of peri- and post-operative death and complications. How effective is viagra yahoo answers   even in this acute situation there is always time to decide if an operation is reasonable considering the patient's total situation. buy lilly brand viagra   the patient and his family are the most important part of this decision, some patients will do everything to stay alive, while others may feel that they have struggled enough and that they do not want any more operations. role of viagra in women   even if the decision is made not to operate, this does not mean that all active treatment be stopped. buy viagra in canada online Specific and symptomatic treatments should be continued, as many patients do well on conservative treatments alone. viagra 5mg daily side effects   whatever decision is taken about the level of treatment of the. buy viagra in canada online buy viagra in usa online To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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