Welcome to the home of Team zoë   cancer sucks home malignant rhabdoid tumor photos of zoë videos of zoë laura & zoë a posse ad esse support balloons for zoë > balloon launches and other stories join team zoë zoë's team members events > first annual zoë festival event photos past events donations prayers for zoë contact us the big kidney test day 01/10/2012 0 comments   well this morning zoë went in to interventional radiology for a kidney function test. This was a test done using die to determine if the tumor has shrunk enough to allow urine to pass from her kidneys down her ureters to her bladder. Order cheap generic viagra Zoë passed half of her test. viagra for women generic Her left kidney appears to be functioning with out a problem. So they are going to clamp off the tube to that one and see if she gets urine to her bladder. price for viagra 50mg The right kidney is a whole other story. viagra vs viagra diabetes Zoë hates to be on her right side, and now we may know why. generic viagra from the united states The tumor has grown in such a way that her right kidney is twisted backwards, and the right ureter is positioned horizontal towards her mid line rather than pointing down. The ureter is blocked, and there are several things that could be going on. Cheap genuine viagra online 1. The ureter has been bisected by the tumor causing any urine to drain into the tumor (if it were allowed to do so, right now with the tube in place the urine is going out side of her body). cheap viagra without a prescription 2. generic viagra online overnight shipping The tumor is pressing on the ureter and pinching off the urine and not allowing it to drain at all from the kidney. buy cheap viagra   3. The tumor has caused the ureter to basially disconnect and there is no longer a way for the urine to get to the bladder. cheap viagra pills online None of the above will be known until the tumor shrinks more. viagra vs viagra diabetes If the ureter is disconnected it can be reconnected with surgery. cheap viagra in usa In other news: zoë and i got little to no sleep yesterday. viagra testimonials After the feeding tube (ng tube) was replaced she had a 4 hour freak out over 8 hours or so. viagra 20 mg price comparison She was over tired, angry, hungry (she had another epic puke). buy viagra usa As i posted yesterday i wanted to sleep. Viagra for daily use for prostate I don't think that i will bother posting about sleep because when i do... generic viagra without a prescription I don't get any... buy cheap viagra Bedtime was around 12:30 i was up at 3 for a feeding. Then at 5 the nurse woke me because they thought that she would nurse again... But then decided to not have her nurse. buying generic viagra online I was back up at 6:30 to. viagra vs viagra diabetes estudi-juridic.es
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